VMS & MSP Recruiting

Tailored For VMS Environments

Tailored Management is the first Staffing Agency in the nation to customize recruiting and staffing programs that lend support to the MSP/VMS environment.

Consistency, Innovation & Clear Communication

For more than 15 years, we have been the benchmark in the contingent labor space by delivering the highest-level talent in the most consistent and efficient ways possible. Our commitment to the VMS space is evident by our dedication to the Centralized Recruiting Hub approach. We have the unique ability to service all locations for our clients and provide consistent results – all from our headquarters. This keeps communication clear and prevents the dilution of information because it comes through the core of our office. Tailored Management has one location, one nexus, one voice, one message, one result.

Our VMS & MSP Partnerships

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Custom Staffing Process

No company culture is the same; no company’s needs are identical.

VMS & MSP Recruiting Focus

Our team is fully committed to the VMS approach.

Centralized Recruiting Hub

The Tailored Management reach is worldwide.

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