Custom Staffing Process

What makes us stand out?

No company culture is the same; no company’s needs are identical. For this very reason, we take a custom approach to your staffing solution. We immerse ourselves in the research to best devise a seamless plan, see it through until completion and make it better moving forward.

The three things we do different:

Thing One

There’s no carbon-copy, cookie-cutter strategy when it comes to effectively staffing your business. This is exactly why we first execute a vigorous evaluation of your staffing needs, identify any potential pitfalls, pinpoint past successes and perform in-depth interviews with stakeholders. We then complete a formative assessment, including diagnostic, formal and informal testing to decide the best areas to offer workforce solutions.

Thing Two

We work with you, directly, to make sure the structure of our recruiting strategy will offer your company the best employees and candidates. This hands-on approach is critical to our mutual success. It is here that we build the functional foundation that will see all parties thrive – employers, employees and Tailored Management. Having this mutually beneficial and open partnership is the key to successfully tailoring a true staffing solution. Applying assessment findings to build a unique staffing strategy that elevates performances in the areas you need it most is absolutely vital.

Thing Three

At this point, we have built a team of truly dedicated recruiters who implement and execute the recruiting solution from beginning to end – but they’re just getting started! We try to knock it out of the park each time, though there is always room for improvement. Your capabilities and needs will grow, as will our knowledge of your organization. And we handle the dirty work moving forward, so you can sit back and relax knowing that you have a staffing partner bringing increasingly more impressive candidates to your team each time.

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Custom Staffing Process

No company culture is the same; no company’s needs are identical.

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