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Finding a job fit for you doesn’t have to be a painful process. At Tailored Management, we believe that your dream job can be earned through the right partnership, and we want the right career partner for you.


From resume writing to on-the-job training, we have all the services you might need to gain a competitive advantage and land that great opportunity you’ve been searching for.

And there’s more good news: Our career guidance services are free. So what are you waiting for?

The Tailored Management Difference


When you work with Tailored Management, you never go it alone in your career search. No more one-sided relationships with detached recruiters. Our staff is committed to helping you ensure your future, and we’ll be with you every step of the way as you work toward achieving the great career you’ve always wanted.

Get Your Resume Looking Amazing!

Resume Writing

Whether your resume needs some minor tweaks or a complete overhaul – or you don’t have a resume and need to create one – Tailored Management knows how to make sure it catches the eye of potential employers. We’ll offer guidance, advice and feedback to help you put together a resume that would get any HR director to look closer.

Finding the Best Career for You

Career Consultation

Maybe you want to establish a clearer direction before you head into the job market. Tailored Management has you covered; we’ll listen to your career goals, then work with you to pave a path toward them. And not only will we help you clarify your employment ambitions, we’ll also update you when we find an opportunity that fits them.

Great Resources for New Employees

On-the-Job Training

Get your new career started on the right foot! If you need help with training at your job, we at Tailored Management can help you prove in short order that you’ll continue to be a valuable part of your new team. We have a wealth of advice that will help you get started on the right foot and make great first impressions.

Be Ready for Anything

Impressive Interview Insight

Whether you have a big interview for which you want to be completely prepared or are just trying to hone your interviewing skills, Tailored Management knows what kinds of questions employers are asking and what kinds of answers they’re looking for. No matter the career field, we can provide you with advice and guidance so you’re going in with total confidence.

Vast Company Connections

Make Fantastic Connections

If you’re looking to work for a large, well-known, reputable company, we at Tailored Management can get you in touch and on their radar. We work with some of the most well-regarded Fortune 500 companies; in fact, we’re among the best in the industry for working with these sorts of major corporate partners, and we have connections to opportunities throughout the U.S. and beyond

Meet Your Needs

Paycheck Programs

A monthly paycheck doesn’t work for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, we at Tailored Management can present to you a wealth of opportunities for a different pay schedule. Need to get paid weekly? Let us help you figure out how to make it happen.

Expert Guidance
Exploring Your Options


Finding healthcare that checks all the right boxes can be just as difficult as finding the right job, but Tailored Management can help you track down both. Let us know what your priorities are with regard to healthcare, and we’ll work to find a program that meets all of your and your family’s needs.

Tailored Management has learned that individuals not affiliated with the company are impersonating Tailored Management recruiters and managers, placing ads linked job postings on Facebook and other social media platforms. Job seekers who respond to the ads are asked to provide personal information via Google doc. Please be advised that Tailored Management only collects personal information through a secure portal, never via Google doc, and only when a candidate is well into the hiring process. Please reach out to us via the “Contact Us” button on our website to verify a request for personal information in advance of responding to any inquiry
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