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Tailored Management specializes in hiring for all areas of staffing, including contingent staffing, direct hire recruiting, payroll services and any other custom staffing solutions you may need – but we are far more than just that. We are the dedicated recruiting and staffing team that responds to your requests and actually answers your calls. We simplify the entire staffing process to efficiently deliver the greatest candidates time and time again. How? Because we care and we learn. Our recruiters get to know you. They identify and acquire the talent to fill your needs. For this reason, our clients experience exceptionally low turnover.

Our Centralized Recruiting Hub

Even though we are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the Tailored Management reach is worldwide. We have established the Centralized Recruiting Hub to give us the ability to make international staffing decisions on a local level. We abolish the inefficiencies and breakdowns in communication that so often plague the recruiting process because our experts can talk to each other one-on-one. Our team can brainstorm together. We can formulate comprehensive plans to tackle your most complex staffing issues.

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Tailored Management

Our Custom Staffing Process

No company culture is the same; no company’s needs are identical. For this very reason, we take a custom approach to your staffing solution. We immerse ourselves in the research to best devise a seamless plan, see it through until completion and make it better moving forward.

01. Assess

There’s no carbon-copy, cookie-cutter strategy when it comes to effectively staffing your business.

02. Implement

We work with you, directly, to make sure the structure of our recruiting strategy will offer your company the best employees and candidates. 

03. Refine

At this point, we have built a team of truly dedicated recruiters who implement and execute the recruiting solution from beginning to end – but they’re just getting started!

VMS/MSP Recruiting Focus

Our team is fully committed to the VMS approach. We previously witnessed compliance issues, miscommunication and a general disconnect between staffer and client throughout the industry. For this reason, we pioneered the CRH model and perfected our process. Instead of a focus on sales, we dedicate our energy to quality of service delivery. Instead of quotas, we spend more time perfecting how we respond to client requests, vet our candidates and leverage the most advanced technology available to become the reliable, long-term recruitment and staffing partner you’ve been looking for.

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Our Goal Together

A Long-Term Professional Partnership

Our ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships sets us apart from the rest of the pack. Our competition may be able to match our resources, but we always rise to the top of the crowd. How? Through our dedication, reliable connections and energetic investment in our clients, we’ve founded partnerships to last a lifetime.

Our time at the top of the industry has taught us:

1) No two companies are alike

2) Enterprise companies want a staffing partner they can rely on in a crunch

Start Tailoring Your Hiring Process

Experience You Can Trust, People You Can Talk To

We love facing staffing challenges head-on. We don’t back down and we’re there every time you need us. We make sure you always have a flexible and talented workforce to reduce the threats staffing deficiencies have on your bottom line.

Where others shy away, we say "YES."

Tailored Management isn’t a group of “Corporate Yes Men.” However, we are a team of staffing experts who aren’t afraid to do the research necessary to create a custom staffing plan for any unique situation. When you have changes to contracts, you get an answer in less than 24 hours. Skip the red tape. Simplify the process. Let us handle what other vendors don’t want to touch, like high-risk payroll services. This approach is what makes us one of the best contingent labor staffing agencies in the world.

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Custom Staffing Process

No company culture is the same; no company’s needs are identical.

VMS & MSP Recruiting Focus

Our team is fully committed to the VMS approach.

Centralized Recruiting Hub

The Tailored Management reach is worldwide.

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