Centralized Recruiting Hub

Tailored Management Centralized Recruiting Hub

Where the Centralized Recruitment Model Excels

Traditional logic suggests that you must have an individual person or team on the ground to have a strong staffing presence in that specific region. However, we’re in the digital age, where traditional methods have become outdated and innovative strategies prosper. Tailored Management recognized this staffing and recruiting revolution and established the CRH model to help:

Reduce Costs
Cost-Efficient Staffing Solution

Reduce Overheard Costs

By eliminating the need for multiple offices across the globe, we can dedicate more of our resources to you. This unique centralized approach minimizes our overheard costs which allows us to allocate more resources back into our process, improving our research capabilities and making our team even better. The CRH enables a more cost-efficient staffing solution with even greater, long-term results.

Simple Process
Greater Compliance, Better Communication

Simplified Compliance

While some staffing agencies will cut corners to save time, all of our compliance matters are handled under one roof ensuring greater compliance, better communication, thorough screens, increased urgency and more transparency throughout the entire process.

Familiar Faces, Less Miscommunication

Deliver Consistent Quality

The team you work with from the start will be the team you work with moving forward. This means more familiar faces, less miscommunication. These recruiters are dedicated to developing an expertise when it comes to recruiting for the positions offered by your organization. They learn your needs, improve each day and deliver exceptional results every time.

No Wasted Time

Decrease Delivery Times

Unlike a standard staffing company, our dedicated team is continuously pipelining the types of candidates you require all the time. Our model allows us to be proactive and recruit for the established needs prior to receiving open requisitions. No wasted motions, no wasted time.

Tailor-Made Candidates

Reduce Turnover

Because we get to know the idiosyncrasies of your organization’s staffing needs, we have the unique opportunity to prepare candidates for employment at your company. This eliminates those circumstances when an employee arrives with no knowledge of the job, expectations, hours or understanding of the culture they’ll be working in. You only get the candidates tailor-made for your position.

Dedicated Recruiting Team

Communicate Effectively

We assign one primary point of contact to be responsible for the complete management of your service delivery. We prevent communication breakdown by having your dedicated recruiting team work side-by-side, in one shared space, every day. If you have a specific need, you can directly reach out to your contact. If they need to brainstorm further, they can personally collaborate with each other to create a unique solution for you.


Tailored Management is the pioneer of the Centralized Recruiting Hub (CRH) model. The CRH allows us to make worldwide staffing decisions on a local level, while successfully eliminating the inconsistencies and inefficiencies that plague regional models. We can meet the needs of our Workforce Partners in a timely and efficient manner – without needing regional offices and staff in each city we serve.

Tailored Management has learned that individuals not affiliated with the company are impersonating Tailored Management recruiters and managers, placing ads linked job postings on Facebook and other social media platforms. Job seekers who respond to the ads are asked to provide personal information via Google doc. Please be advised that Tailored Management only collects personal information through a secure portal, never via Google doc, and only when a candidate is well into the hiring process. Please reach out to us via the “Contact Us” button on our website to verify a request for personal information in advance of responding to any inquiry
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