Fast 50: Tailored Management


Tailored Management Was Honored on This Years Columbus Business First Fast Fifty List

Oct 16, 2015, 6:00am EDT – Laura Newpoff, Staff Reporter

Your company is experiencing red-hot revenue growth. How will you keep from flaming out?

“We have an environment of open communication and creative thinking. Each associate is empowered to create processes that work best for their individual style, ultimately yielding the best results. Our aversion to cookie-cutter processes encourages innovation resulting in an environment of constant improvement enabling us to always stay on top of our competition.”

Brad Beach, President and CEO, Tailored Management (No. 32)

Tell us about the one decision you have made for your business over the past few years that has been the most critical to its growth:

Two years ago we changed our focus to serving Fortune 500 companies engaged in a vendor management system/managed service provider environment. We also rebranded ourselves to highlight our centralized approach and the unique approach to filling requisitions from our central recruiting hub with dedicated resources and streamlined processes.”

What about your company keeps you awake at night?

“Typically the tasks that I failed to complete, which can include anything such as responding to clients or associates, special projects and on occasion initiatives I wish to start.”

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No company culture is the same; no company’s needs are identical.

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Our team is fully committed to the VMS approach.

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